Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Wow I actually Vloged Again

Well finally decided to post another vlog on my ole youtube channel, and its up and running again it seems, or not.... Nothing to useful, just me shooting the shit as usual.  Shit I just swore... Oh well, people do that, it is a blog, and a vlog.... Nice..

Anyway its middle of september and almost October?  Whats that mean... It means its going to get freaking cold again.. GAH!

Anyway my youtube channel as usual.... Malkuths Youtube Channel

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Paranormal Activity 4

And yet another one is coming.  I don't know whats more scary the fact that another one of these movies is coming?  Or the movie it self?

Anyway yup looks like this time we will find out what happens to the baby that is stolen in part 2 by the other sister from part 1.  LOL.

I mean if you like these movies great, but from my perspective, the fact that the movie went that way..... IE the evil witches from hell are to blame for the whole series.... (actually its Hollywood thats evil for keeping the perspective up that witches are evil)

On another note The Hobbit will be out this year, and looks like we might finally have a winner from Hollywood coming soon. :)  But this one, if you like the same old thing.  The same old scare in yet another 2 hour sleep fest have fun.

This is the link to the trailer.. Enjoy. :) http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/paramount/paranormalactivity4/

Monday, July 30, 2012

Down But Not Really Out

   Been Away For a long time, sorry about that.. Have not updated this site. Or my youtube site for such a long time.  Really have not been in the mood for these kinds of things for a few years now.

Can't promise to ever be back to talking about things like this.  But Im still around and kicking.  Just don't have that spark anymore to keep talking about these things. 

So many up a new people entering the area and having conversations about Ghost And Spirits.  That have covered it very well I think.

I don't even have cable TV any more so I have not seen Ghost Hunters For almost 2 years.  I have seen a few episodes on Netflix and stuff.. But other then that nothing really.

Did start a PC Gaming Youtube Site where I Do Lets Plays.  Im a pretty big Gamer.  Enjoy doing it.  One of the only real hobbies I actually have is PC Computers and Gaming.

And No ghost still don't scare me... And I have yet to see a really good Ghost story from the movies in a long time.  Maybe when I feel up to it I can get back into Ghost, and Lucid Dreaming and my practices.  But for now, just not feeling it.  My own Writers Block I guess..  Or whatever it is.

Oh if your wondering where my youtube site is. Its still there I just made it private.  Its not gone.  Haven't decided if its worth keeping up at this point.  Because really I don't think I will ever post another topic on my Malkuths Ghost Youtube ever again.

I can see blogging as a way to talk about what I feel.  But Im not just feeling it with the video end of the blogging anymore.

Talk later enjoy the rest of your summer.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Is the Ouija Real Or Fake?

This question is the million dollar question that everyone seems to ask.  And everyone has a different opinion!  And most of these opinions are based on religious factors.

Lets talk about what the Ouija board is not first. The Ouija board is not some sort of mystical portal to the other side. It's just a piece of wood or paper with words on it! It has no magical powers what so ever! I have done a few myth articles and videos on most of these what not's before. And if you want to see them you can find them on my Youtube page.

Now is it real? Well I believe they are real! When you use a Ouija board, or really any tool to commune with a spirit you are basically unlocking an ability you already have. It's a tool that helps you concentrate on talking to the spirits. The tool makes it easier for you! You don't have to HEAR the ghost, all they have to do is spell it out on the board for you. You don't even have to see them! And that is what makes the Ouija board such a great tool for this kind of use. You don't have to be a medium!

Now many will say that they are not true and the board and its effect are nothing more than the Placebo effect. The Placebo effect is when your Muscles move without you knowing you are moving them. And the placebo effect can explain most of these things away. Now if you believe this it's no big deal. The problem with this in my opinion is that a lot of the times the Placebo effect can explain the muscle movement, but does the placebo effect also contribute to the information that you get from the Ouija board?

The information over the years that I have gotten from the Ouija has been very interesting. And when I was younger it was darn right cool! The muscle movements can be unknown, but the board telling me things that I actually had to look up and verify when I was younger tells me that can't be explained away with the placebo effect. Sorry!

Now today, the board does not interest me as much as when I was younger. I still collect them but hardly really use them anymore. Mostly because only certain entities speak to me now on the board and I have been speaking with them for years. And the limited knowledge the board can spell out makes it too slow to learn much more from them with this type of medium. But like I said in the early years it was dam cool!

So in a nutshell, those that believe will continue to believe, those that do not won't. It's not a big deal who does and does not. The board can't do tricks. And sometimes I really do believe that the placebo effect is real and sometimes you don't actually get a spirit. IE your talking to yourself! And its up to you to try to figure these things out in the long run.

Happy Ouija Board, or not. J

Monday, August 30, 2010

The Last Exorcism Review

Well I have been trying to pay attention to the reviews of the Last Exorcism all weekend. It seems that it barely got the number 1 spot this weekend with 23.3 million or so in revenue. Yet again, this is plenty for how much this movie actually cost to make!

But the reviews from the fans are not so good, in fact it is horrible. Most people on Yahoo movies wish they had their money back, or time! Most complain that the movie is very slow and the ending sucks. In fact the ending does suck.

If you have not watched the move yet I'm about to give away the ending so don't read if you don't want to know. The whole movie is about a Reverend that is a fake! And he wants to do a last exorcism where he will reveal in a documentary that he is a fake and the exorcism is fake! Of course this last one ends up being the real deal and he does not really know what to do. Things turn out bad, and in the end he ends up being tricked by the possessed girl believing she is a fake. She tricks him by using words that she would not know, and tells the reverend that she slept with such and such a guy and was afraid of her father, and now she is pregnant.

Mission accomplished, the reverend and crew head out of town, stop at a place to eat. They just happen to meet the boy that the girl says she slept with, and the boy informs them its not true! He is gay!

The reverend is mad now and heads back to the family farm where its empty, they go to the girls room where they find satanic symbols in the form of pentagrams in the girls room written all over the place. They head outside and see a fire in the woods. They head to the fire where they see the girl give birth to a demon baby. She is surrounded by a bunch or robbed Satanist around a bomb fire. The father of the girl is tied up and about to be sacrificed! The baby is thrown into the fire, the crew run away while the reverend runs toward the fire with cross in hand.

The crew members are all killed etc. And it ends.

That might sound pretty cool, but the actual way it was done in the movie I guess totally sucked. And was a total 360 degree turn from what the rest of the movie offered! The Girls brother the preacher of the town, and other members where all part of this cult! And the poor father and girl where the victims.

So in the end you're left to believe that it's some sort of Satanist cult or witches that have caused all the trouble. It's a terrible end to the movie, and just a terrible movie. The movie was so cheap to make that it actually was a win for the studio. But in the end it still sucks, and continues the downfall that Hollywood can't make good movies anymore!



Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Last Exorcism Movie Malkuths Thougths

I made a video vlog on what I think about this new movie.  Comes out on Aug 27th 2010.
Might be kinda scary but I doubt it.  Time will tell.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Finding Time To Do Rituals Or Spells

Whether you a wiccan or Witch that Practices Spells or A Kabbalist that does Rituals or Ceremonial Magick.  Life changes can bring many difficulties to your practice!  like me for instance, I got back into a daily practice of doing certain Kabbalist Rituals everyday while I was unemployed.  Then suddenly I finally got a new job and things changed! My times changed and it effected my practice, and my life style.

Now its been about 3 weeks, and I have gradually started adding  my Workouts and getting a new schedule for my rituals.   Working 4PM To Midnight made a big change,   I like doing rituals at night!  But I'm pretty tired when I get home,  so I have started doing them during the day, and if I can during the night!

My workouts I stopped doing for a few weeks.  The job is pretty demanding on my body and I did not want to overstress my muscles.  Now As my muscles get use to the new work, I slowly started to add more and more exercises.  Weight lifting, and jogging.  Couple more week and I should be right back to my old routine.

So whats all this mean?  Well basically if your life changes its best to actually slowly add things back in, instead of trying to do it all at once.  Either Spiritual work or Work outs in general.  Over abusing your mind, or your body can lead to an unhealthy life.

Good Luck everyone. :)


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